Daddy Issues

Two gay daddies in San Francisco take on the world, aging, and whatever else they want. Race Cooper and Matt Fuller host the popular gay podcast series, “Daddy Issues”. Together they explore a variety of subject matter, and topics of interest to mature queers and the LGBTQ2 community. Daddy Issues has been called, “educational and irreverent”, as the two hosts tackle complex subjects, but with a hilarious take on them, and our place in this world. Featuring guests like Juanita More, Boomer Banks, and Tom Ernsting; there’s plenty of tea to be spilt, humorous moments, and insightful dialogue. Subscribe to “Daddy Issues” podcast on your favorite podcast player platform! "This show is BRILLIANT from start to finish. Uplifting, funny, and as real as it gets. Bravo!"- D1A1P (Apple Podcasts)