SuperCharged Life with Dr. Judy

Dr Judy Ho is a triple board-certified Clinical Neuropsychologist who will show you how to grab life with both hands and live it to the fullest! “SuperCharged Life with Dr. Judy” will dive deeply and fearlessly into love, sex, friendships, and career, as well as bad habits, addiction, trauma, depression and anxiety. Sometimes it’s painful to uncover what’s really holding you back, but with Dr. Judy’s help you’ll discover a new way to take on life, inspire love and create happiness. Each podcast will give a tangible tool they can do that will “SuperCharged” their lives! Whether she’s helping to navigate life with her patients, swinging from a flying trapeze, singing her favorite Broadway songs or taking on a new adventure, Dr. Judy walks her talk and invites others along for the journey.

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by Stage 29 Podcast Productions - 55 episodes

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