Clapp with Jane with Jane Clapp

I know some of the most interesting and inspiring people who are helping to keep humanity afloat in their own unique ways, in the middle of a world health crisis. I want you to meet them too. First, as humans. Second, as experts in their field. To hear their stories of overcoming their personal struggles and trauma (including PTSD and cPTSD) to bring their weird and wonderful heart healing gifts to the world in quiet and loud ways. Let's give these folx the applause they deserve and, in turn, be reminded of that part of ourselves that can never be lost or dissolved regardless of what is going on around us. Something numinous, magical, and even funny in each of us that we call Self. p.s. I like F bombs. Who am I? I’m a mindful strength and movement coach, a trauma-informed embodied resilience expert, educator and a Jungian analyst in training. My goal: To help people cultivate a deeply felt sense of resilience and empowerment, so they can weather storms in life while keeping their hearts and spirits alive.(Podcast editor: Chase Valeriote)

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