Intent: The Tex McIver Case

"The Officer's Wife" is now "Intent: The Tex McIver Case." Investigators in Atlanta have always known who shot successful Atlanta businesswoman Diane McIver in Sept. 2016—and so did she. Diane was shot by her husband, Tex McIver, and she knew it was him because she handed him the gun. But Tex says he doesn’t know how the gun went off, and Diane’s death was a terrible accident. It’s a story Tex McIver has always stood by: he loved his wife, and he never would have harmed her on purpose. But is that story true or was there more to the McIvers’ relationship than even their closest friends might have realized? 11Alive WXIA News Reporter Kaitlyn Ross and VAULT Studios investigate the shooting, its aftermath and a trial that captivated Atlanta. “Intent: The Tex McIver Case” launches Aug. 22 on the same feed where you listened to “The Officer’s Wife.”

by VAULT Studios - 51 episodes

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