Tell Me About Your Father

Tell Me About Your Father is a podcast focused on dads, father figures and dismantling the paternal mystique. Interviews with guests reveal their relationship with the first man they ever knew, how much they didn't know about him, and the impact he's made on their lives. We aim to unpack all facets of the father - the loving, the ambivalent, the supportive, the fiscally irresponsible, the obscenely wealthy, the salt of the earth, the emotionally present, the totally checked out, the physically absent, the addicted, the alcoholic, the crazy, the complicated, the angry, the funny, the lying, the abusive, the religious, the mentoring, the dead and the living, the fathers who have built us up, and the dads who've let us down.

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by Erin Hosier, Matthew Phillp and Elizabeth Thompson - 41 episodes

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