Ron Paul Homeschooling Podcast

The Ron Paul Homeschooling Podcast helps parents avoid burnout with self-paced, self-taught video-based learning by subject experts such as Tom Woods, Gary North, Benjamin Richards, Bradley Fish, Daniel Dignan, and John Hamilton. Students avoid the frustration of being left behind or being bored by not getting challenging coursework. Parents and students can save money and time by earning college credit during high school. Listen to interviews of instructors and get your questioned answered. Courses include English, Mathematics, Science, History and more for primary, middle school and high school students. The Ron Paul Homeschooling podcast is hosted by Richard Emmons, who with his wife homeschooled their four daughters from K-12 over 19 years. To get to the podcast website cut and paste this link into your browser.

by Richard Emmons, Homeschooling Dad and Entrepreneur - 53 episodes

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