Zero Waste Life Hacks Podcast

ZERO WASTE LIFE HACK is a podcast geared towards showing our listeners simple solutions to some pretty big problems. Yup, it's not all doom and gloom. There are so many easy things we can all do to live more sustainability and feel good about our actions. It's all about being practical and continuously inspiring each other. We are here to help you gain knowledge and an understanding of how our daily purchases and ultimately the stuff we throw out can become ZERO WASTE opportunities instead. Each episode will tackle one item used daily, giving you facts about its global impact and how you, yes even you, can change your daily habits to become a ZERO WASTE LIFE HACKER. Join the community by following and post your zero waste life hacks to #zerowastelifehacks Thank you to HAUTE MOBILE DISCO for curating playlists for each Episode. Click here to listen. Theme song by Ian Sloane - BODAK YELLOW HMD DISCO REMIX THE HOSTS: SOFIA RATCOVICH is a climate activist and Founder of boutique consulting company Zero Waste Co . She works with her clients to develop and implement sustainability initiatives for special events with the goal of maximizing the efficiency of all operations and minimizing waste. Sofia has trained to be a Speaker for the Surfrider Foundation Rise Above Plastics Program, is an Ambassador with the 5 Gyres and recently completed training as a Climate Reality Leader with former VP Al Gore. Sofia is a mother of 3 and enjoys taking trips to the beach with her kids on the weekends. THE CO-HOST: Michelle Sinclair is a DJ and Music Blogger who is inspired by Sofia's minimal daily habits towards zero waste living. "I am amazed that Sofia has a household of 5 people and throws away one tiny bag of trash. I want to know more about how she does that!." Sofia is inspired by Michelle's ability as a DJ to transform the vibe of a room through her music selection. Together, these longtime friends combined their knowledge and personal connections to create a fun and educational podcast for even the laziest of environmentalist. SPECIAL GUEST: Who is on the hot seat this week? The ZWLH team is always looking for relevant guests who are passionate about our planet to explore the topic at hand and share their own ZERO WASTE LIFE HACKS.