Jenelle Potter

Ep 60: Did a Facebook war between a young woman and a young couple inspire a savage act of violence or was this rivalry about something much more than words on a screen. How did this Catfish lead to murder? Support the Show through our Sponsors: Green Chef - Go to and use code 'women125' to get $125 off including free shipping! Sources for Today's Episode: ABC News News 24 An episode of 20/20 The Daily Mail Credits: Written and Hosted by Amy Shlosberg and Meghan Sacks Produced by James Varga Edited by Jason Usry Music by Dessert Media Support Our Work: The easiest way you can support us is by leaving a review, telling your friends, sharing on social media or by sending us a note. We love to hear from our audience!  You can also support the show through the following ways:  Follow Us: Instagram | Facebook | YouTube | Reddit | Twitter Patron - ad-free shows starting at $2 a month, or upgrade for $5 to also get an extra episode every month, have access to exclusive AMAs with the hosts, and more! Check out our Patreon page for more info: Apple Subscriptions - Ad-free shows are now available through Apple’s podcast app for only $1.99 a month. Merchandise - For T-shirts, Hoodies, notebooks, stickers and mugs check out: Help is Available: If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic or other violence, there are many organizations that can offer support or help you in your specific situation.  For details please visit one of the websites below. • National Domestic Violence Hotline • RAINN • Women’s Law • Victim Connect List of resources Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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