Holiday Replay! Executing Strategy Despite Obstacles, Setbacks, And Stalls with Patty Azzarello

Getting stuck in a rut happens to the best of us. Nonprofit teams often reach an impasse a few weeks or months after launching a new initiative or strategy. Consequently, staff revert to the tasks they’ve always done while board members focus on next year’s budget, the audit, recruiting new board members, and that upcoming special event. This New Year, take the time to cure your organization's implementation blues by revisiting our phenomenal conversation with Patty Azzarello, founder of the Azzarello Group and best selling author of MOVE: How decisive leaders execute strategy despite obstacles, setbacks, and stalls. Links:The Azzarello GroupMOVE: How decisive leaders execute strategy despite obstacles, setbacks, and stalls.*****Time Stamped Highlights***** (6:52) Why organization’s get “stuck” when implementing strategy (8:35) How to overcome inertia and resistance when implementing strategy. (14:45) Using control points to better design, implement, and measure strategy (18:29) The importance of finding the “limping cows” in your organization (23:30) How to appropriately resource your strategy execution (29:40) How to manage expectations when you receive 30% or the resources necessary to produce the desired outcome. (31:40) How to build the right team to implement your strategy (32:50) Develop your team’s “blank sheet org chart” (36:48) How to keep your team from turning back during strategy implementation. (41:00) The one piece of advice Patty would give to young professionals (and not-so-young professionals, too)    

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