195: Why Wine Makes You Feel Terrible: A Case for Natural Wines

If you’re mindful of what you consume and you also drink wine, or if you’re looking for a way to enjoy wine without feeling terrible, this is a conversation for you. Today Erin sits down with founder of Dry Farm Wines Todd White to discuss how we can consume and enjoy natural wine in a way that’s in alignment with our overall health - and the health of the planet. Tune in to hear about the environmental impact of conventional and natural winemaking, organic, biodynamic farming, the importance indigenous yeast, how wine additives, alcohol content and sulfites affect your health, and even touch on the spiritual and community aspects of wine. While we’re not about to tell you that wine is a health food, this conversation does make a good case for enjoying what you consume.

As the founder of Dry Farm Wines, a writer, speaker, and a leader in the organic/Natural Wine movement, Todd White has widely educated communities on conscious consumption. Built on a foundation of honesty and peace, Dry Farm Wines are lab tested to ensure each bottle is sugar free (0-0.15g per glass), lower in sulfites, and lower in alcohol (under 12.5% alc/vol). The wines are friendly to low carb & low sugar diets.

In this episode:

-Allowing yourself to lean into joy and what feels good [6:06]

-Why Erin was drawn to Dry Farm Wines [8:45]

-How the conventional wine industry compares to the food industry [10:28]

-Additives and why there are no ingredient or nutrition labels on wine bottles [13:16]

-What you need to know about wine if you’re vegan [14:08]

-Natural additives found in wines [16:09]

-Alcohol content in wine - why it matters [17:32]

-What is “natural” wine and how do you know if you’re drinking it? [21:49]

-Sulfites and sulfur dioxide [24:27]

-How wine becomes sugar free [26:41]

-How conventional wines contribute to histamine sensitivities [31:31]

-How darker wine gets its color [36:01]

-Why it’s hard to find natural wines [40:59]

-The impact of irrigation on grapes [42:04]

-The accuracy of the alcohol content stated on wine bottles [44:11]

-Differences in farming practices of conventional and organic, natural vineyards [46:15]

-About the small, family vineyards that Dry Farm Wines works with [49:54]

-Why the Dry Farm Wines subscription expanded Erin’s wine horizons [57:20]

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