Wheel of Time Spoilers 344 - COS - Lightnings Part 3

With Thom of Dragonmount, JordanCon, TarValon.net, WoT community show, and an awesome Perrin cosplay. First, we go on a prologue tangent about prologue writing, to start a trend of  massive tangents all about life, the universe, and most things. We ponder a new possible reason for Fel’s demise, Seth struggles with names, Aradia struggles to explain a meme, and Thom admires slime molds. Evil will always turn on itself, Mesaana is using an Instagram filter, and Jarna Malari made a big impression with her public death. The Robert Jordan Memorial Scholarship application period is open from now to May 15th! https://www.tarvalon.net/index.php?threads/robert-jordan-memorial-scholarship-applications-now-open.47380/  Prior scholarship winning essays:  https://library.tarvalon.net/index.php?title=Annual_Robert_Jordan_Memorial_Scholarship  JordanCon fundraiser:  https://charity.gofundme.com/o/en/campaign/jordancon1  JordanCon 2021 FAQ: https://www.jordancon.org/jcon2021faq/

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