Why we need science now more than ever

Join me in Episode #199, the last episode of Plant Proof and the start of a new chapter. Listen to my learnings from the past years with Plant Proof, why it’s time for this change and find out about exciting things on the horizon, for me and you.

Specifically, I talk about:

  • An in person event I’m hosting May 30th – June 5th
  • 3 of the my favourite highlights from the last 4 years of Plant Proof
  • The silliest nutrition topic I see people fussing over
  • The new show name and what to expect of the new show
  • A glimpse into some of the upcoming episodes

Come and connect with me in person on Journey Retreats x The Proof in Bali. With code SIMON you get $300 off (valid until 11:59pm Sunday 10th April AEST). After Sunday use code THEPROOF for $150 off.

Connect with me on Facebook: theproofpod, Instagram: @simonhill and @theproof, Twitter: theproof and YouTube: theproofwithsimonhill

Listen to my first of many episodes with Dr Will Bulsiewicz, Episode #17, my conversations with Dr Nitu Bajekal on PCOS, Episode #196 and Endometriosis, Episode #155 and listen to Dr Gemma Newman on Menopause, Episode #189.

If you haven't read my book you can order your copy here - all proceeds are donated to Half Cut a not-for profit organisation helping protect the Daintree Rainforest.

- Simon

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