How to train your child to understand, process & verbalize intense emotions + tips on dealing with parent guilt & how to deal with past parenting mistakes

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SHOW DESCRIPTION: In this podcast  I speak with clinical psychologist Dr. Rebecca Kennedy about rethinking the way we raise our children, the importance of saying sorry to our kids, why it is never too late to fix the mistakes we make as parents, how to explain our own emotions to our children, and so much more!

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2:00 How to talk to your children about your difficult emotions

8:30 How to talk to teenagers and adult children about what you are going through

13:36 Why we need to say sorry to our children, no matter how old they are

17:30 The importance of teaching our children to think, challenge and question everything

23:30 How to help our children when they are going through a tough time

28:10 How to teach your child about consent and saying no

33:10 Why you need to teach your children about self-care from young

37:45 How to manage and deal with parent guilt

48:05 How to teach your children to validate and trust their own feelings

50:33 Why boundaries are important for empathy

52:07 How to respond when your child starts wining


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