[Ep. 187] Why Women Change Their Mind About You (Holiday Special)

Happy ALMOST Holidays!!! This week it's just Kristen and Marni in studio digging into our mail bag and over analyzing this!!! Topics covered on this show: 1. Why women can change their mind about you at the drop of a dime 2. How to avoid creeping women out or being a creep 3. How to state your intentions without turning her off 4. How your mind is messing up your dating and sex life 5. Trick for making great eye contact that is intoxicating 6. Rules for texting and how to build attraction over text 7. What to talk to women about so that it showcases YOU and helps you select the best women for you 8. How to put you out there in a confident attractive way 9. How to avoid rejection AND so much more!!!! Great dating advice for men from a female perspective. Guests: Marni Kinrys, Kristen Carney and Curt This was a really fun episode and I promise you won't be disappointed when you listen! For more information from Marni go to www.winggirlmethod.com and from Kristen go to @kristencarney If y --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/AskWomen/support

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