219 Darcie Clark: Adaptive Movement and Chair Yoga

Darcie and Kathryn talk about adaptive movement, non-dogmatic approaches for all abilities, and chair yoga. Chair yoga is more than using a chair for conventional poses. Creating an accessible class requires teachers to re-imagine the practice and truly learn to meet participants where they are. Darcie offers wisdom from over 15 years working with all levels of practitioners and training teachers.


Darcie Clark has been a leader in Adaptive Yoga since 2006. Specializing in making the yoga practice accessible to people of all ages, body types, and abilities, she’s taught yoga in community centres, retirement homes, and workplaces.  For over 15 years, Darcie has worked with and learned from a range of private clients, some of whom have chronic health issues, movement restrictions, and use a wheelchair. In November 2020 Darcie began offering her course Adaptive Yoga: How to Teach Chair Yoga online to yoga and movement teachers. 

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