State of the Union Speeches and other Squawking

That mysterious bird poops on the president's head during the State of the Union address and Fina and her grandmother are up in the House Gallery, watching when it happens. Papa gives the State of the Union rebuttal speech about immigration reform. The House Minority Leader gives a party. Kitty Felde is writer producer.


Amy Solano - Fina Mendoza

Christine Avila - Abuelita

Steven Cuevas - Papa

Linda Graves - Claudia

Mark Bramhall - President of the United States

Rosalie Huntington - Minority Leader

Ian Kunithia -Michael

Wenzel Jones - Waiter

DeeDee Chapelle - Stage Manager

Music in the party scene composed and perfomed by Kevin Pike.

Andrea Felix-Cervantes is our stage manager. Our theme music is written and performed by Andrew Barkan, and our logo designer is Imelda Hinojosa.

Season 2 of The Fina Mendoza Mysteries podcast is based on the book State of the Union, by Kitty Felde, published by Chesapeake Press. You can pick up a copy at your local bookstore or ask your local public library to order a copy to add to their collection. And if you want an autographed copy of State of the Union, check out the website That’s also where you can find out more about the cast and crew of the Fina Mendoza Mysteries and also where you can find a free download of the 56-page Teacher’s Guide to the book and the podcast just by signing up for our newsletter. That newsletter highlights the facts behind the fiction in the Fina Mendoza Mysteries. This week, it’s the history of the rebuttal speech. The podcast and the book are designed to introduce civics education to elementary school students.


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