065: Investing Your Energy in You

We need to manage our energy, not our time, and that starts with understanding where our energy sources come from. Today, I’m sharing actionable tips for how you can focus in on these different areas, from physical to spiritual, so that you are your biggest priority. As we end season 5 today, I know you’ll walk away feeling prepared and ready to be more invested in yourself than ever before.   What’s In This Episode: The importance of shifting your focus so you can use energy wisely. Actionable tips for maximizing energy physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. How to invest in yourself and prioritize YOU when someone else is managing the tasks and schedule. The best way to invest in yourself by creating an intentional mindset.   Sign up for the Productivity Paradox newsletter at inkwellpress.com/podcastemail to get free downloads and new episodes sent right to your inbox.

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