The Simply Luxurious Kitchen - Seasonal Fare to Elevate the Everyday Meal

The Simply Luxurious Kitchen will take you into the kitchen to help you discover how to enjoy the everyday cooking that will elevate the quality of everyday living. Incorporating seasonal fare and sharing skills and ideas that will help you navigate successfully in your own kitchen, viewers will discover how to "dance" so to speak with the produce and necessary cooking fundamentals honing the methods to making a delicious vinaigrette or a salad with the produce you happened to find at your local market, or an appetizer with what is available in the refrigerator, so that year-round you can make delicious, yet simple meals. Ultimately, the addition of a cooking series to TSLL destination is to enable viewers to feel confident as well as enjoy stepping into the kitchen, so that they can become the chef of not only their meals, but of their lives. A new season debuts every September on the second Saturday, first on TSLL (The Simply Luxurious Life) blog exclusively, then YouTube and wherever video podcasts are available.

by Shannon Ables - 23 episodes

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