Ep 101: How To Rest Without Feeling Guilty

At the beginning of my personal development journey I had some serious resistance around rest. I’ve always wanted to feel busy. And because of that, I’ve been experimenting with it for just as long (see this blog post from 2014).   I feel like I’m now in quite a healthy place with rest - i.e. I actually allow myself to do it, without the guilt! I recently had two weeks completely off my business and was able to do so without even a twinge of regret. And my business continued to grow while I was away!   Not only has forced downtime allowed me to create an identity for myself outside of my business but I’ve become WAY more productive and successful. When I have less time to get shit done I can’t be as sloppy with it!   In this episode, I’m sharing why perfectionists hate to rest, how to skyrocket your productivity levels and my own journey with guilt-free downtime.   In This Episode You’ll Learn: Why you believe that unproductive moment is a moment wasted What ‘productive procrastination’ is and why perfectionists love it The unexpected consequences of not allowing yourself to rest Why perfectionists self-sabotage with busywork How I build guilt-free rest into my busy schedule My recommendation for how to ease into rest Featured In The Episode: Episode 84: How To Escape The Self-Pity Cycle The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss Episode 39: The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss Episode 99: Personal Growth Update March 2019 Episode 100: The 5 Biggest Growth Mindset Mistakes Perfectionists Make How To Stop Feeling Guilty About Not Studying On Weekends Ep #248: Superthinking on The Life Coach School Podcast

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