YOU can heal YOU with Platelet-Rich Plasma

Anytime we have five Tuesdays in a month, I try to bring an extra bonus conversation that adds a different element to our typical topics. Today’s conversation with Dr. Teresa Cody illuminates all the different ways we can use PRP to help heal our bodies. We discuss platelet rich plasma, the studies surrounding it, her own anecdotal evidence, and my personal experience with PRP.

Dr. Teresa Cody graduated with her Doctor of Dental surgery from the Universit of Texas Dental School in 1992. Through her years practicing dentistry she learned about the powerful potential of Platelet Rich Plasma therapy to promote healing in bone graft surgery. She’s now the owner of C and C Wellness Center in Sugar Land and the astonishing improvements in her clients’ health inspired her to write her book You Healing You.

One note before we jump in: this is a bit of a fringe conversation. PRP is not FDA approved. I’m enormously cautious and protective about the science-based conversations I have on this show because I never ever want to lead anyone astray, but once you learn more about the process I think you’ll understand why I’m comfortable with bringing it to you here.

We discuss:

  • The serendipitous way she became passionate about PRP (that involved her hairdresser!)
  • PRP studies and results that include Bell's Palsy, osteoarthritis, and tendon and ligament healing
  • How plasma is the director of healing
  • Anecdotal stories from her own practice of how PRP healed her patients
  • Why we can’t heal ourselves if all we are doing is taking our blood and putting our own plasma back in
  • Who PRP is for and not for

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