Mysteries of the Unexplained: Part 1 - June 4, 2022

Seriah hosts a round table discussion featuring Taylor Bell, Chris Ernst, Octavion Graves, and Timothy Renner. Topics, drawn from the classic "Reader's Digest Mysteries of the Unexplained", include bizarre hoofprints in rural England, a 16th century British explorer's reports of cryptids in Africa, a massive worm in Brazil, a bigfoot wielding a club, wild men wearing clothes, bigfoot and UFOs, spectral bigfoot, the Society for the Investigation of The Unexplained {SITU}, bigfoot and magick, possible purposes of tree structures, a very weird experience, a gunpoint encounter with a female bigfoot, Jerry Crew, a modern Native American man abducted by bigfoots, bigfoot kidnappings, bigfoot and the Fae, bigfoot auditory encounters, red eyes in the woods, bigfoot encounter by Chinese Communists, the Yeren, an extensive official scientific search by the Chinese government, red-haired giants, alleged Smithsonian Institution cover-ups, Dr. Bryan Sykes, an undiscovered bear, very large humans, giants in folklore, non-Homo Sapien ancient humans, Andrew Collins and Gregory L Little, a bigfoot hit by a car, bigfoot break-ins, hair and blood evidence, and much more! This is a fascinating conversation, not be missed!

- Recap by Vincent Treewell

Outro Music is What Happiness Feels Like from Vrangvendt. Their music is also available on all the common streaming services as well!


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