Group Work: The REAL Secrets of Success with Prof. Mark de Rond

The art of teamwork, and how to ace group assignments at school and university:

  • How to pick the right people: do you go for the most skilled teammates or the ones you get on with best?
  • The questions to ask yourselves to establish a high-functioning group culture from the outset
  • What to do if someone isn’t pulling their weight
  • How to make the right decisions as a team
  • Handling courageous conversations and resolving conflict

With Professor Mark de Rond, whose fascinating research has seen him study high performers in often extreme environments, as you’ll hear, from elite rowers to peace activists to trauma surgeons in a war zone.

His work has been featured widely by some of the world’s most prominent media organisations including the BBC, The Economist, The Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal, The Times in the UK, The Los Angeles Times, Der Spiegel and Forbes Magazine.

He has a wonderful gift for teaching people to get big results for themselves in their own lives and careers, which is why he is in hot demand in running executive education for leaders at companies such as McKinsey, PWC, Rolls Royce, Shell and UNICEF. 

Further reading by Mark de Rond:

The Last Amateurs: a gripping window on team dynamics in elite sport (18+ due to language):

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