Spaghetti alla Carbonara

Episode #4, Season 3, The Simply Luxurious Kitchen

Yesterday was Friday, and guess what I had when I came home from work? Yep, A comfort pasta dish. In fact, the comfort pasta dish that while not enjoyed often, when chosen to be enjoyed is deeply savored – Spaghettia alla Carbonara.

I have been eating and then cooking this dish for decades. My mother began cooking this dish when we were young children, and it was a special occasion to cozy in and be home with our family.

Such a simple dish – eggs, cheese, bacon (pancetta) and pasta (plus a few extra ingredients – aromatics and a spice) to add lovely layers of flavor.

While admittedly, not a French comfort recipe, it is a comfort recipe, and I would be remiss if I did not include in this season’s line-up of recipes as it has brough immense comfort, albeit fleeting, throughout the past twenty years, and usually always on a Friday.

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