Episode 31: Surging Into Summer


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Finished objects

Michelle made some "flannel towels" to use in place of paper towels. She was given a serger to use, so she had to figure out how to use it. Eventually, she got it working properly and made a large stack of flannel towels. They have nicer edges than the ones she had only zig zagged. 



Michelle also warped her loom and wove a rug with her core spun alpaca rug yarn. It's so soft! She had sent some alpaca fleeces to Rovenko's Windy Acres mill to be spun. They variegated (after asking) the colors in the yarn and it turned out so perfect!


Michelle's daughter (Thing 1) asked to weave a rug, so Michelle taught her how to weave when she finished her rug. Thing 1 is now half way through weaving her rug. There should be enough warp on the loom for one more, which Thing 2 has asked to weave.


Erica finished weaving Oli's scarf from Handpsun yarn, the project page can be found here. This was woven mainly with Wool N Spinning Breed and Color Study yarn, which was formerly known as the mystery wool spin on the podcast. This  yarn was spun while watching Wimbeldon right before Erica's last trip home to the US.


The Duelling MItt 1 for TJ is finished, he also loves it. This has been a great knit so far. Erica hopes that TJ will help string all the beads for the second mitt!



Erica is warping her Glimakra Ideal Loom to weave cotton fabric for an underdress for her 7th C Persian costumes.

Erica is also spinning for some weaving samples. These samples will look at what, if any effect, the spin and ply direction of a yarn has on woven cloth. She is particularly looking at the claim that stripes can be made simply by using both ply directions in the warp.

Erica is sewing her handwoven linen band into the raw hem edges of her handwoven Persian robe/coat.

Erica is still working on deciding exactly to do with her handwoven damask cloth which she originally intended for a Persian wrap. She has posted her 7th C Sasanid Women's clothing research on her personal website.

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