Ep: 050 - Modern Sustainable Design - A Jumping Off Point For Creativity // Jeremy Levine

In this episode of Architecture, Design & Photography we sit down with Jeremy Levine, Principal at Jeremy Levine Design. Our conversation centers around Jeremy's approach to modern sustainable design and his recent residential project in Pioneertown, CA. We also discuss the work he's doing with Side Street Projects, a mobile artist-run organization that connects artists directly to communities through socially-engaged artist projects. 

The principal, Jeremy Levine, earned a Master's Degree in Architecture from the Southern California Institute of Architecture where he won the Haskell Prize for Architectural Journalism. His work has been on the cover of Dwell Magazine and featured on the Discovery Channel. Jeremy is on the board of directors of Side Street Projects, which promotes art education through mobile wood shops, and the Harpo Foundation for the Arts, which supports emerging and unrecognized artists. He lectures and participates in exhibits around the world, including the New York Hall of Science, the International Symposium of Electronic Arts, the Dwell on Design Festival, and The Los Angeles Design Conference. 

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