iOS 559: Get Cooking With These Apps & Accessories - Meater+, HoverBar Duo, Crouton, Paprika 3, and more

Rosemary and Mikah show you some apps and accessories you can use to craft cocktails, bake delicious treats, and cook delicious meals.


  • Unboxing and reviewing Apple's MagSafe Battery Pack
  • Facebook's cloud gaming service hits iOS devices as a web app
  • Ultra Wideband Availability Expands to Argentina, Paraguay, and More
  • You can check your iPhone for Pegasus spyware (unlikely as it is)
  • Mi Temperature & Humidity Digital Clock
  • Aqara HomeKit Accessories Now Available From Online Apple Store in Europe
  • Astronomer shows stunning Milky Way iPhone photo
  • Breathable 1.0
  • iDOS emulator may be removed from the App Store ↦
  • Nomad Opens Pre-Orders for $35 Leather Cover for Apple's MagSafe Battery Pack

Shortcuts Corner

  • Ms Dee asks for a Shortcut that will create alarms throughout the day for sourdough maintenance and care.
  • Terry needs a Shortcut that will let them schedule timers based on their breaks — either 15 or 25 minutes.


  • Following up with James regarding lossless audio availability on the HomePod Mini.
  • TJ needs an app for tracking media that makes it swift and easy to add new entries.

App Caps

Hosts: Mikah Sargent and Rosemary Orchard

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