Staying Atop Content Clutter w/ Sanjana Singh

Have you ever felt like your social media feed’s been cluttered by irrelevant content? We’re in conversation with Sanjana Singh, Creative Director at Terribly Tiny Tales (TTT) about staying atop content clutter on social media, leveraging platform insights to stay in tune with the audience pulse, and maintaining originality in content creation processes!

Sanjana is a content extraordinaire and storyteller; creator of multiple content IPs for brands like Amazon Prime Video, Hershey's India, Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk, OkCupid, TLC, and more. She’s also responsible for building a 5 million strong digital community, organically - with a core expertise in the creation and curation of promotional content for brands in the form of engaging social-media friendly storytelling formats.

In this riveting episode we discuss:

6:23 - How to maintain resonance with the audience pulse

13:10 - How to maintain originality as a content creator

18:35 - Professional content creation and social media detoxes

21:30 - Advice for the content creators of tomorrow, considering the industry’s trends and opportunities

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