STT 93: A Tour of Jason Howell's Smart Home - AirTags screen protectors, Fitbit Luxe, Donda Stem player

AirTags screen protectors, Fitbit Luxe, Donda Stem player

  • This is what Apple's AirPods look like on the inside
  • The AudioStick is the easiest way to connect AirPods to your Switch
  • Netflix Now Offers Spatial Audio Support for iPhone and iPad
  • Someone's inexplicably gone and made AirTags 'screen protectors'
  • Leviton's second-generation Decora Dimmer review: Wi-Fi connected HomeKit switches
  • Why the app store model won't work for Alexa skill discovery
  • The New Oculus Quest feature can automatically sync VR photos and video clips to your phone
  • Google Nest Doorbell (2021) Review: Cheaper, but Not Better
  • Google Nest Doorbell (Battery) Review: Smart And Chunky
  • Google Shuts Down Android Auto Smartphone App
  • Google Health division dissolved as the company restructures
  • Fitbit adds ECG and stress-level scanning to its Charge fitness tracker
  • Fitbit Luxe review: Not as luxurious as the name suggests
  • Offline playback on Spotify's Wear OS app is rolling out now
  • YouTube Music Wear OS app finally released
  • A tour of Jason's smart home
  • The usefulness of Family Bell on Google Assistant
  • Kanye West's Donda Stem player
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

Hosts: Matthew Cassinelli and Jason Howell

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