Lemon Butter Shrimp Pasta

Weekly rituals infused into our everyday routines welcome anticipation with quick attainment, as we can look forward to them four or sometimes five times a month and experience the culmination in relatively a short amount of time. Such is the case for my Friday Nigh Lemon Butter Shrimp Pasta. For nearly 12 years and likely longer, I have enjoyed this recipe most Friday nights after a full week of teaching. Part of the reason this recipe is a go-to is because I have the recipe ingrained in my memory and create it unthinkingly all the while knowing full well it is abundant with flavor and a complete meal in one dish. As I will share in today's episode, there are many different variations on this recipe depending upon what you have in your épicerie. The dish can even be made without shrimp or substitute your favorite protein into the dish instead. As you can see below, while in today's video I make the dish with angel hair pasta, I have also frequently made it with linguini. The beauty of this dish is what is shared in the episode of where to begin but then play with it and make it your own. And delight in its flavors. The addition of tomatoes was when this dish fully came alive, and I think your appetite will be delighted with what you make.

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