Seymour Chwast Reflects on the Early Days of the Push Pin Studio with Milton Glaser

In my senior year of college, I was a disenfranchised art student. I had a bad attitude and thought to myself why the hell I ever bothered to pursue a career in graphic design. And then I found Milton Glaser and nothing was ever the same. His work was vibrant, psychedelic, electric and refined all at the same time. Milton was one my all time favorite designers - if not my favorite. I’ve spent countless hours trying to emulate his style. In 2017, I spent an afternoon with Seymour Chwast hearing stories about the early days of the Pushpin studio with Milton, Ed Sorrel and Reynold Ruffins. This is an excerpt from that conversation.  Milton was a true practitioner. A master of his craft. An anomaly. His color palettes alone are genius. Rest easy to one of the best to ever do it. ❤️???? Photo by Catalina Kulczar

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