Episode 035 - Maintaining Your Sexy with Emma a Fin of Normalizing Non-Monogamy!

We chat with our dear friends, Emma and Fin from the Normalizing Non-Monogamy podcast on how to survive during times without the wild and crazy swinger nights. We talked about exploring your sexuality together as a couple while enhancing your communication. We had a great time getting to know these two thoughtful people! Be sure to check out their podcast where they interview incredible people all throughout the lifestyle!As always, thanks for listening!Enjoy!Here’s how to stay in-touch with Emma a Fin:Podcast: Normalizing Non-MonogamyIG: @nnmpodcastTwitter: @nnmpodcastWebsite: https://www.normalizingnonmonogamy.com/ Check out AltPlayGround for an awesome lifestyle experience! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE, RATE, a REVIEW! We appreciate any and all feedback!How to stay in-touch with us:Email: thesuitelifepodcast@gmail.comFollow us here for info on upcoming LIVE episodes:Instagram: @thesuitelifepodcastTwitter: @suitelifepodFacebook: Livin' the Suite Life (Tryst Loq Suitelife)Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to the Livin' the Suite Life Podcast YouTube Channel!

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