Orientation and Efficiency in Home Design

Hello! This is Episode 220, and in it, I’m going to be providing an update to our last episode and continuing our celebration of 5 years of the “Get it Right” podcast. Our last episode was a reboot of not only the most popular episode of Year 1 of the podcast - it’s also the most popular episode in the entire podcast’s 5 years.  If you haven’t listened to that episode, be sure you do so by heading back to Episode 219. You can find it, and its full downloadable PDF transcript by heading to www.undercoverarchitect.com/219. That episode was called “Still the most important thing to know when designing your home”. In this episode, I want to bring you some current information about the way we create homes, and how this can impact the things to know when designing your home, plus give you some ways to order your decisions.  This is the thing about designing, building and renovating.  It involves a BOATLOAD of decisions, which can be overwhelming for many. And if you’re aiming for the perfect house, and think that making all the perfect decisions every step of the way will get you there, you may get really frustrated. So this episode is going to help you simplify your decisions, and give you the ability to get clarity in your decision-making process.  You can grab a full transcript of this episode, plus info about other helpful links and resources related to this topic, as a free PDF download by heading to www.undercoverarchitect.com/220. Be sure to head to the link and grab the PDF transcript so you can file that away and review this episode as needed. Now, let’s dive in! If you’re struggling with understanding the overall steps for your project, what you should be focussing on and when, or how to best invest your efforts, energy and money to get a great outcome in your future home, I’ve created something super helpful for you. Access my free online workshop “Your Project Plan” now >>> https://undercoverarchitect.com/projectplan This free workshop will really help you understand the best steps to take wherever you’re at in your project, and how you can avoid some serious and expensive mistakes.  Plus, I’ll share with you what to focus on and when, so you know you’re getting everything in order for a successful project and beautiful home. And you’ll get access to some great bonuses as well. LISTEN TO THE PODCAST NOW. RESOURCES MENTIONED IN THIS PODCAST: For links and resources mentioned in this podcast, head to >>> https://undercoverarchitect.com/220 Access my free “Your Project Plan” online workshop and awesome bonuses now >>> https://undercoverarchitect.com/projectplan Access the support and guidance you need to be confident and empowered when renovating and building your family home inside my flagship online program >>> https://undercoverarchitect.com/courses/the-home-method/ See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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