The Ancestors Know You: Real Life Reconnection Stories

We are so excited to talk about the very highly requested topic: reconnection. So many of our relatives grew up with varying levels of kinship systems, and it is so important to not blame oneself for little connection. After 500 years of colonization and attempted erasure via relocation, prohibiting traditions, and pushing assimilation, we have all felt the effects in differing and unique experiences. 

Join us in a special, raw and vulnerable conversation about how Daniel French and another special surprise guest reconnected to their Indigenous communities. This conversation is powerfully important as reclaiming the connections that colonization has tried to keep broken for many generations is a very real experience for many Native folks. 

Special thanks Thank you to Daniel French and Adrienne Keene for joining us today.

Thanks to the AMR team that worked on this episode: Teo Shantz, Dominick Joseph, Lindsey Hightower, Keoni Rodriguez. 

Thank you to Art by Ciara for our amazing episode artwork. 

Never forget that the ancestors know who you are.

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