Introducing: History That Doesn't Suck

Some of us love history. Others used to or never did, because history was presented as nothing but the rote memorization of names, dates, and facts. Basically, the story got left out, and that made history … kind of suck.   Created and hosted by Professor Greg Jackson, History That Doesn’t Suck is a podcast that brings all the academic rigor you’d expect from class but keeps the story in the history. Let Professor Jackson give a complete overview of US history from the Revolution on in a history filled with stories. Meet George Washington as he begs his men not to mutiny against Congress; Clara Barton as she saves Union soldiers amid enemy fire; follow teenage Frederick Douglass as he risks his life to gain his liberty, and more! Subscribe to History That Doesn’t Suck today wherever you get your podcasts, and join Professor Greg Jackson every other week for America’s story. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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