High Intensity Business

High Intensity Business is a high intensity strength training and strength training business podcast offering content to help you realise your health goals, become a great personal trainer, and build a successful HIT business. Content includes training protocols, workouts, exercise science, nutrition, and biohacking. From a HIT business perspective, we cover personal training, coaching, startup, sales, marketing, operations, systems, hiring, scaling, etc. Guests include Dr Doug McGuff, Drew Baye, Skyler Tanner, Patty Durell, Walter Vendel, Fred Hahn, James Fisher PhD, James Steele PhD, Luke Carlson, Adam Zickerman, Kyle Recchia, Adrian Antigua, Bill Crawford, Joe Cirulli, Dorian Yates, Simon Melov PhD, Roger Schwab, Simon Shawcross, and many more.

by Lawrence Neal - 408 episodes

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