Create more content in less time

Welcome to episode 125, "Create more content in less time."

Do you ever sit down to write a post, only to get up an hour later with nothing written? 

Or maybe you send a weekly newsletter to your email list, but it takes you days to write? 

You are not alone. 

Creating content for your students is a valuable way to market your business, and nurture your students. 

However, it shouldn't be take up all of your time. 

In this episode I teach you why creating content can take so much time, and what you need to think about to create more content in less time. 

In today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to tell if you are taking too long creating content 
  • Why you are spending so much time perfecting your content 
  • What you have to think on purpose as the CEO of your business to create content quickly 
  • Why it is valuable to create more content in less time

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