EP. 186: Make Managing Money Fun with Money Coach Siw Slevigen

Curiosity is one of our most powerful ADHD strengths, but it can also be one of our greatest hindrances if the people around us see our curiosity as a challenge to authority, rather than a genuine interest in understanding the world. When my guest, Siw Slevigen, was growing up she always had her strong curiosity met with either excitement or disdain by teachers, and–surprise, surprise–it always impacted her ability and willingness to learn. 


Rather than shrink herself in shame, Siw leaned into her curiosity and let it guide her down a path of joyfulness and self-acceptance. Now a money management coach, Siw believes that the only way to change our relationship with money is by accepting ourselves exactly where we are and infusing curiosity and excitement into everything we do. Siw’s positive approach to economics has completely changed my own attitude toward money and my ability to save it, and I know our wonderful conversation will give even the most impulsive spenders out there a fresh perspective. 


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