754. C-Level Execs Should Still Network

You are at the top of your game. You are a c-level executive. Why in the world would you go to a networking event? The networking events have people who are not as impressive as you, and you only want to hang out with the cool kids. Why should you network? You need to network for many reasons, and you should not prejudge people whose job titles do not start with a "C". It is good for your own career and the reputation of you company if you are seen as participating in your community. Over the long run, non-famous CEOs who keep engaged in their community will find more ways to collaborate and uncover opportunities. Too many are thinking if they go to a Chamber of Commerce event or Industry Conference that they will be annoyed by up and comers who want to talk to them. But many of those same people might inspire you. The best leaders I know want a lot of diversity in their conversations. Hide in an Ivory Tower and your company may lose. Who is better at reputation management and community engagement..You or your competitors? If its not your team, then your competition might get a leg up. This episode Thom Singer shares his three reasons to network even when you are in the C-Suite. https://thomsinger.com Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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