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Life is super uncertain, we tend to set goals for ourselves, work hard for them & at times might even achieve all of them. In the end, whatever we do in human life is for security & comfort for our loved ones!

There can be situations where life is not super fair to us & one of our loved one’s passes away! What then? We are pushed to the walls & we would need financial resources to sustain ourselves! 

To benefit from the investment, you should know the entire details about the investment & how to redeem it, otherwise, it goes in vain!

Rs 82,000 crore lying in unclaimed bank a/cs, life insurance, mutual funds, PF

On this note, I would like you to sit back & relax as we have the solutions to this problem.

Today on the podcast, we have Ajinkya Thakur, Founder & CEO of DigiWill.

I am sure if you love entrepreneurship, financial discussions & how to be humble throughout life, this is the right place for you!

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