#90 Dr. Harriet Carroll - New Alternate Day Fasting Study, Effects of Sugar-Sweetened Breakfast

In this episode of The Muscle Memoirs Podcast, I am joined by Dr. Harriet Carroll to discuss a new study on alternate day fasting and her research examining the effect of sugar-sweetened breakfast on appetite and energy intake.

Harriet completed a PhD in Health and Wellbeing at the University of Bath. Currently, she is a SARS-CoV-2 researcher at the NHS, an MSc supervisor at Bristol University, and an honorary research fellow at Lund University. Her other research interests include hydration physiology, appetite and blood sugar regulation, and how the drug ecstasy influences metabolic health.


00:00 Introduction
04:00 New alternate day fasting study: experience as a participant
09:00 Key findings
16:45 Critiques on the study design
26:15 Plain vs. sugar-sweetened breakfast study
44:00 Relationship between sweet tooth, sweet or savory breakfast, and energy intake 
52:12 Unpublished study on the effect of sugar-sweetened breakfast on energy intake
58:35 Is getting hangry a product of low blood sugar? Is there an association between postprandial glucose and insulin and appetite and energy intake?

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