Obituary 06: Wait... I Thought He Died?

Do the dead really stay dead in Crestfall? Welcome to the Season 2 premiere! **Content Warning: Gore SFX, Explosion SFX, Depiction/description of dead bodies, Intense situations, Bodily harm Support the Show and access bonus content, bloopers, & more: Created by Evan Gulock & Niko Gerentes Indiegogo Associate Producers – Luis Resto, Samariel Koster, Robert Gulock, Jordan Percle, Angel Acevedo Credits: The Obituary Writer / The Button-Eyed Raven – Evan Gulock Walter Grimsly – Donovan Mullings ??? – I Thought He Died Niko Gerentes – Marcus & Maggie the Maggots / News Anchor Maggot Silent Nuns – Hedley Knights The Angel of Death – Lauren Denby Charlotte Dawson – Angela Morris Music – Savfk, Doug Maxwell, Scott Buckley, Hayden Folker, Nicolas Gasparini, Daren Curtis, Steven O’Brien, and Niko Gerentes Portions of this episode were recorded at The Foxhole Chicago by studio engineer Dave Langley. Special Thanks to Our Featured Patron: September Brogan Eternal Gratitude to Matthew Cunningham and George Zarr. Find and support our sponsors at: Credits and Transcript: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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