The Connection between Aviation and Time with the Founder of Bremont--Nick English

Nick and his brother Giles are the founders of Bremont, one of the top aviation watch brands. I own two of their watches and they are truly engineering masterpieces. They're one of the few things you can own that doesn't turn into junk after 5 years. On my second watch I inscribed my sons name and plan to give it to him when he grows up. In this far ranging conversation we talk about his background, how he started Bremont, leadership lessons, and more. If you enjoy storytelling, you'll enjoy this episode.Sign up for my newsletter for a few ideas and tools to help you grow--occasional patch giveaways as well. You can sign up here. LinkedIn-- Justin Hasard LeeInstagram-- @justinfighterpilotFacebook--@justinfighterpilotYou can review the show by tapping here and scrolling to the bottom where it says: "Write a Review." Thanks for the support ????This episode was edited by Trevor Cabler

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