04 - Dietary Fibers a Recommendations | Prof Joanne Slavin

Do you get enough fiber in your diet? Are you getting too much fiber? What happens if you have too little or too much dietary fiber? How often should you be passing stool? Prof Joanne L. Slavin answers all this and more on this episode of Well, Actually. You can find Joanne at University of Minnesota and can email her at jslavin@umn.edu. Copyright 2019 European Food Information Council (EUFIC)0:00 Introduction2:13 28g of dietary fiber per day2:22 What is dietary fiber?3:01 Where does fiber come from?3:40 Why do we need dietary fiber?4:25 Different fibers have different roles5:18 Dietary soluble vs insoluble fiber7:34 Do we break down fiber?7:59 Are fibers really calorie free?9:46 Recommended daily fiber intake12:06 Tolerance issues with high fiber diet13:03 Fiber rich foods14:46 Best high fiber breakfast15:24 Lowering glycemic index of potatoes16:38 Side effects of high fiber diet 17:05 Too much fiber? Dose matters17:51 Eat whole foods to keep fiber form18:58 Why dietary fiber causes gas21:52 Benefits of fermented foods 23:23 Proteins and sugar alcohols cause other sensitivities 23:52 Benefits of low FODmap diet 25:05 What are isolated dietary fibers?26:11 Examples of soluble dietary fibers (gums)26:48 Science can help change isolated fibers to lower sensitivities 28:39 Gluten sensitivities: Bread in Europe vs U.S.31:06 Talk to your practitioner about your sensitivities 31:56 Do fiber supplements work?34:15 Side effects of fiber supplements36:53 Advantages a disadvantages of wholegrains38:02 Fiber impacts weight loss?41:06 Fiber lowers risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and diverticular disease41:55 Fiber a the gut microbiota43:21 Where to find Joanne online

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