Episode 132: Skyfire

“Only a lunatic would build a world class resort on a ticking time bomb of molten earth.”
On this show we do the deep dive on the shallowest volcano movie ever made, SKYFIRE (2019).

We’re joined by disaster movie aficionado Fred Andersson to discuss spectacular set-pieces, one dimensional characters, and a classic exploding helicopter.

Show notes

Skyfire (2019)
Director: Simon West
Cast: Hannah Quinlivan, Wang Xue-Qi, Jason Isaacs
Plot: Geologist Wentao Li (Xueqi Wang) vowed he would never return to Tianhuo Island after a catastrophic volcano eruption tragically killed his wife. But 20 years later, his daughter Meng works on the island that took her mother's life, developing an eruption forecasting system. The island has now been transformed into a theme park by greedy businessman Jack Harris (Jason Isaacs) despite Meng's warnings. As the volcano begins to erupt, it's a race against the clock to save the tourists and villagers from the apocalyptic chaos.

Episode 132.

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