Thunder Thighs, Situationships & Movies w/ Abbas Momin

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This week on Varta Lab, Aakash & Navin are joined by Abbas Momin - Host of ‘Has It Aged Well?’ Podcast & a creator at IVM. After several reschedulings (cause of him being a coworker :P), we have finally got Abbas on the show!

In the episode :

- Thunder thighs, a guy called ‘dikki’ cause of his huge a** & a guy called ‘mahadik’
- Abbas’ growing popularity with his new podcast ‘Has It Aged Well?’
- The recent dating culture & ‘situation-ships’
- Aakash, Navin & Abbas’ favorite movies, games & shows
- Abbas’ journey from dental school to the world of writing & comedy - The ‘Abba nahi maanenge’ story..
- The problem w/ Marvel Cinematic Universe
- Why Navin would be a good peasant..
- How Urjita Wani became the co-host of ‘Has It Aged Well?’
- And our show turns into a self-realization motivational podcast

And much more!

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