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On Varta Lab this week, Aakash & Navin are joined by songwriter & multi-instrumentalist - Sidd Coutto! Over the past two decades, Sidd has played multiple roles in numerous bands, notably, drummer of Zero, singer of Helga’s Fun Castle, frontman of Tough on Tobacco, multi-instrumentalist with Ankur & The Ghalat Family as well as Vir Das’ Alien Chutney and more.

In the episode, they talked about :

- The immediate need to stop ‘kind acts’
- Some Bible talks
- Why musician weddings are the BEST weddings
- Hangover stories: Waking up with bruises and not remembering how you got them
- Navin: The rockstar of the Cat world
- I Rock & some other great OG Indian rock music festivals
- On stage fights, abusing & heckling - A live musician’s life
- Some pretty uncommon & unnecessary medical treatments
- Audience reactions at music festivals
- The most absurd peach schnapps story

And much more!

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