The Unwritten Rules with Helen Appleby

Growing up with a father who instilled in her the fact that girls can do anything boys can do, Helen Appleby put it to the test with great success.  Helen Appleby is a British New York-based Women’s Leadership expert, author, speaker and podcaster who has helped hundreds of women step into their power and write their own rules for success while also helping hundreds of men understand how to best support those women. Having seen firsthand the experiences women disproportionately face in their careers, Helen created the “Unwritten Rules” to empower women with tools to write their own rules, navigate their versions of success and achieve their potential. Prior to becoming a fulltime women's leadership expert, Helen was a global business leader for Glaskow Smith Kline, her career there and unilever.  She has lived and worked in Canada, The Uk, Dubia, Cypress, Malaysia and the United States.  Helen hosts the Unwritten Rules of Women’s  Leadership Podcast interviewing  female leaders on their experiences.  Helen also offers the Unwritten Rules course to grow and develop the male leaders.  She is a fantastic shopper, an average yogi and a terrible cook.


 What You Will Hear in This Episode: 

1:56 Helen’s personal story

6:34 The Unwritten Rules and gender differences 

11:34 Self promotion vs educating and authenticity

13:05  Greatest challenges women face today in the workplace

22:34 Limiting beliefs and overcoming the fear of failure

28:30 Women supporting women

31:44 Major differences between coaching women and men 



“ I liked growing people more than I liked growing brands or businesses.”

“The things that work for men in the world of work are not always the things that work for women.”

“Men were much more drawn to take interest in the careers of people that reminded of them when they were younger”

“Who you marry is one of the most important career decisions you make.”

“We're expected to work like we don't have children and to parent like we don't work. And that is exhausting.”

“Every time we do things that are out of our comfort zone, we all have that inner critic.”

“I describe perfectionism as fear in a pretty dress.”

“Done is better than perfect.”

“Leadership in general is lonely”




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