16: Ankur Warikoo on Conversations that Matter: an Entrepreneur’s perspective

Revelations from the other side of the table. As season one comes to an end Ankur Warikoo, our host and the Co-Founder a CEO of nearbuy.com, shares his top takeaways from the extremely insightful and brutally honest conversations with some of the finest leaders from across the world.  From building great products that sell themselves to using storytelling to engage with stakeholders and founding the right culture, Ankur shares how implementing some of these learnings at his company has generated some spectacular results.  With 26,000+ listens and over 2.5 million audiences reached, Building It Up with Bertelsmann has been appreciated not only in India but around the world and ranked as the best business podcast in India by Apple.  Hear Ankur Warikoo give the entrepreneur's perspective on season one on this episode of #BuildingItUp with Bertelsmann

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