Walking Your Way To Better with Joyce Shulman

After practicing law for over a dozen years, Joyce Shulman’s lifelong entrepreneurial spirit led her in a different direction.  Learning to use walking as a tool from a young age, Joyce, encouraged by her husband, turned her love of walking  into more than just a daily practice for herself.  An advocate for intentional walking, Joyce is the co-founder and CEO of 99 Walks and Jedi Fitness, two wellness brands that are rooted in the transformative power of an intentional walking practice.  A self-confessed idea junkie,  Joyce is an entrepreneur committed to building authentic communities. She is a frequent speaker, host of The Weekly Walk podcast, Veteran of the TEDx stage and author of the book Walk Your Way to Better.   Most importantly, Joyce says she's a joyful wanderer, and I'm so glad she wandered onto our show today,

 What You Will Hear in This Episode: 

1:20 Joyce’s personal story

4:50 Lessons learned on her entrepreneurial journey

7:56 Starting her own walking practice,  intention and their effects

13:40 Intentional walking and the idea of a walking practice as a business

16:15 Walking vs running, treadmill vs nature

21:08 What you can expect from a daily walking practice

27:40 Advice on overcoming the challenges of developing a walking practice

33:55 Does tracking make a difference?



“Once you get that (entrepreneurial) bug, it's really hard to go back because what I love is building things and communities that have real impact on people.”

“What I think so many of us need, especially right now, is to reduce the stress, reduce the cortisol. Just be really present and finish it feeling less beat up.”

“A 20 minute walk can boost your creativity by 60%.”

“A 10 minute walk can have as much of an energy boost as a shot of espresso.”

“I do believe that we are meant to move. We're not all meant to move in the same way and there is value in figuring out what feels good for your body.”

“Every step counts in every mile matters.”

“We are more likely to show up for other people than we are to show up for ourselves.”




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