Stateless: What Happened Next?

In the fourth and final episode, host Cate Blanchett discusses what happened next with the Australian immigration system, following the period when Stateless was set with Gillian Triggs, from UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. Cate also catches up one last time with her dear friends and Stateless series co-creators, Tony Ayres and Elise McCredie. This has been a StoryHunter Production in association with Matchbox Pictures and Dirty Films for Netflix. HOST Cate Blanchett  For STORYHUNTER Shannon Vandermark EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Kirsty Hunter EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Robin Delwiche AUDIO ENGINEER Alex Marcou SOUND DESIGN AND EDITOR Florence de Schlichting RESEARCHER Az Newman CREATIVE DIRECTOR  Music composed by Cornel Wilczek with additional music by Eugene Ball and Thomas E Rouch. Series sound design by Tom Heuzenroeder. Series mixed by Pete Smith  For MATCHBOX PICTURES Sheila Jayadev Kirsty Stark  For DIRTY FILMS Georgina Pym Guenda Nappini Andrew Upton  For NETFLIX Rae Votta  GUESTS Tony Ayres Elise McCredie Burhan Zangana Saajeda Samaa Amir Javan Paul Folber Gillian Triggs  WITH THANKS TO Alastair McKinnon Matthew Vitins Louisa Myers Felicity Harrison Helen Panckhurst Michael Darren Alison Tilbe Jeff Wachtel Rob Crossley Michael Gale Kavya Chauhan Thomas Fung  The TV series “Stateless” that has inspired this podcast is produced by Matchbox Pictures and Dirty Films with major production investment from Screen Australia and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and is financed with support from the South Australian Film Corporation.  Series directors: Emma Freeman and Jocelyn Moorhouse Series producers: Sheila Jayadev and Paul Ranford For more on the work of UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency go to:

2356 232

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